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Withholding Tax Return Form

Every Company (Public and Private Both) of Bangladesh shall have to file withholding tax return to the concerned DCT* at every 3 months interval at the form prescribed at Rule -24A accompanied by copy of treasury challan as a proof of TDS.
DCT may extend maximum 15 days time to submit such withholding tax return if any company require time.
If DCT finds that the company failed to deduct/collect/deposit tax at source, then he will treat the company as assessee in default [Section-75A]



Form of return of withholding tax under the Income-tax 
Ordinance, 1984 (Ord. XXXVI OF 1984)
(Return under section 75A)

1. Name of the Company:
3. TCAN:
4. (a) Circle : ………………………………        (b) Taxes Zone : ……………………………….

5∙ Deduction/ Collection Period:                      
  (a) 1st quarter  (July – September)       YEAR :            
    2nd quarter  (October – December)       YEAR :            
    3rd quarter  (January – March)       YEAR :            
    4th quarter  (April – June)       YEAR :            
6∙ (a) Address :
  (b) Phone: ( C ) F ax :
  (d) e-mail:
  (e) web address:
7∙ Contract person:   (a)  Name:
            (b) Designation :
            (c) Telephone:
            (d) Mobile :
            (e) e-mail:
8∙ Particulars of tax deducted or collected:      
  SL Type of Payments Section of I.T.O, 1984 Payment during the quarter rate of deduction/Collection Amount of tax deduction/collection
  (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
  1.    Salary 50      
  2. a. Payment   to contractor/suppliers 52      
    b. Indenting commission 52   7.5%  
    c. Shipping agency commission 52   5%  
  3. a . Service of doctor 52A(1)   10%  
    b. Royalty or technical know-how fee 52A(2)   10%  
    c. Fees of Professional & technical service 52A(3)   10%  
  4. a. Payment for private security service (Total bill) 52AA   1.5%  
    b. Payment to stevedoring agencies commission 52AA   10%  
    c. Any other service 52AA   10%  
  5. L/C commission 52 I   5%  
  6. Freight forward agency commission 52M   15%  
  7. Payment to foreign technical serving in diamond cutting industry 52O   5%  
  8. Payment for services for convention hall etc. 52P   5%  
  9. Payment to resident person against services provided to foreign person 52Q   10%  
  10. House/office/Factory rent 53A   5%  
  11. Collection of tax for shipping business of a resident 53AA   5%  
  12. Receipt from export of manpower 53B   10%  
  13. Collection of tax from export of knit-wear and woven garments 53BB   0.60%  
  14. Collection of tax from member of stock exchange 53BBB   0.10%  
  15. Collection of tax from export of any goods except certain items 53BBBB   0.60%  
  16. Receipt from public auction 53C   5%  
  17. courier business of a non-resident 53CC   15%  


  18. Payment to actor/actress 53D   10%  
  19. Payment as commission or discount for distribution of goods 53E   10%  
  20. Payments to foreign buyer’s agent 53EE   10%  
  21. Interest on savings & fixed deposit 53F   10%  
  22. Insurance commission 53G   5%  
  23. Payment to surveyor of general Insurance 53GG   15%  
  24. Rental Value of vacant land, plant or machinery 53J   5%  
  25. Advertising bill of newspaper or magazine 53K   3%  
  26. Sales of share at a premium 53L   4%  
  27. Transfer of securities by sponsor shareholders 53M   5%  
  28. Transfer of share of shareholder of Stock Exchange. 53N   15%  
  29. Signing money paid by real-estate Developer company to land owner. 53P   15%  
  30. Dividends 54   10%  
  31. Lottery 55   20%  
  32. Payment to non-resident 56      
9. Verification
  I, …………………………………………….. , designation ……………………………………  solemnly declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief the information given in this return is correct and complete.
  Place : Dhaka  
  Date :      Signature & Seal

Download Here : Withholding Tax Return Form

*DCT – Deputy Commissioner of Tax.
*TDS – Tax Deduction at Source.
*TIN – Tax Identification Number.
* UTIN – Unified Taxpayer’s Identification Number.
*TCAN – Tax Credit Award Notice.


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