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Top 10 Battery Saving Android Apps To Prolong Battery Life

Android smartphones can run a lot of functions through a variety of softwares. But one of the main problems in these phones are short life span of battery. Most people use android smartphones for internet, audio and video. It consumes a lot of battery power. So, they require frequent charging of their phones. However, you can save your battery energy by using one of the following battery saving apps. These are suitable for every android phones and are very popular among the android users all over the world. Let’s rank the list:

10. Dolphin Battery Saver: This tiny app saves your android battery and also makes your internet browsing faster. It also ensures security. See details on Google Play Store [Dolphin Battery Saver].

9. Bataria – Battery Power Saver: This app has battery saver and active apps manager or task manager. Very useful tool for people with lots of running apps. It has also a Pro version. See details on Google Play Store [Bataria – Battery Power Saver].

8. Battery Booster: It can track real time battery usage by all apps. It has interactive interface and all those facilities that a battery saving apps must have. See details on Google Play Store [Battery Booster].

7. One Touch Battery Saver: Three suitable battery profiles for your need is present in this app. You can also add customized profiles. It saves battery by intelligently switching GPS, wifi, bluetooth, light, sounds etc. See details on Google Play Store [One Touch Battery Saver].

6. 2x Battery – Battery Saver: It automatically manages 3G, 4G, wifi connections in the background. Also shows battery status in the top status bar. See details on Google Play Store [2x Battery – Battery Saver].

5. Battery Defender: It has the white list for streaming apps. Automatically switches between modes when needed. Very useful battery app. See details on Google Play Store [Battery Defender].

4. Battery Dr saver+a task killer: Shows battery health, temperature, talktime. Automatically switches between battery modes and has task killer option. See details on Google Play Store [Battery Dr saver+a task killer].

3. Du Battery Saver & Switch Widget: It provides easy, simple fast, convenient and effective battery saving. See details on Google Play Store [Du Battery Saver & Switch Widget].

2. JuiceDefender – battery saver: 5 preset profiles gives you wide range of choice to control your battery power. It has also an Ultimate version. See details on Google Play Store [JuiceDefender – battery saver].

1. Easy Battery Saver: The most popular and most downloaded battery saving app for Android smartphones. It saves more than 50% battery. It offers tutorial about the process of using battery. See details on Google Play Store [Easy Battery Saver].

Top 10 Battery Saving Android Apps To Prolong Battery Life

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