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Top 10 Online Dictionary: Bangla To English And English To Bangla

Dictionary is an essential book for everyone. Without this book, we face a lot of problems while reading or writing in another language. Most of the people use PDF or CHM dictionaries in their Computer. But, there are some online dictionary websites that offers Free Dictionary for all. You don’t have to find a word for a long time there. All you have to do is Type your desired word in the box and click search button! The meaning will come in a second.

Online dictionary English Bangla

There are some dictionary websites on the Internet that offer English to Bengali language conversion, while there are some others that convert Bengali to English. You may find some websites that convert English to English or Bengali to Bengali too.

Here are some online dictionary websites:

bangladictionary.evergreenbangla.com: Converts Bengali to Bengali.

bangladict.org: Converts Bengali to English and English to Bengali.

bengalinux.org: Converts English to Bengali.

dicts.info: Converts English to Bengali and Bengali to English.

dsal.uchicago.edu: English and Bengali conversion as well as other languages.

ovidhan.org: English and Bengali conversion.

merriam-webster.com: Most visited English Online Dictionary on internet.

dictionary.reference.com: It’s another English to other languages conversion online dictionary website.

thefreedictionary.com: It offers English to other languages conversion as well as Medical, Law dictionary.

dictionary.cambridge.org: Both British and American English are given here.

oxforddictionaries.com: A complete online dictionary for all.

So, if you find difficulty in writing or reading while you are online, just click on the above website links and get your answer!

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