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How To Set Automatic Wallpaper Change On Nokia S40 Mobile

Nokia S40 Java based mobile phones are great in some features. Those are very much user-friendly and people love to have those multi-function mobile phones for various purpose. One of the charming features of Nokia S40 java mobile is automatic change or slide show of desktop wallpapers. That means your mobile wallpaper will change automatically after every 10 seconds. You can always select these wallpapers. So, here is the simple way:

1. At first, click Menu and you will get a view like this:

How to change Nokia S40 wallpapers automatically

2. Now, click on Settings. You will see the below view:

3. Select Display. Now you will see the below scene:

4. Select Wallpaper. Now you will see this:

5. Now select Slide Set. After you select this, you will have to select the folder in which there is images that can be used as wallpapers. It is recommended that you select your desired photos and transfer them in a new folder earlier so that you can select that folder now for the slideshow. Here is an example: I have selected the Image folder on my mobile. This folder contains more than 1 image file.

6. As you select the folder, a confirmation message will be displayed like this:

It means you have done it! Now head back to the desktop screen and you will see your desired image as your wallpaper. After 10 seconds, they will be changed and will be replaced by another wallpaper of that folder.

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