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How To Lock Google Chrome With A Password: 8 Steps

Google Chrome has the best features for any person to browse on the internet. This software is used by millions of people all over the world for it’s super fast speed and beautiful design. So, it became the number 1 browser in the world. But, one of the weak points of Google Chrome is the security feature. I am not talking about the web security. Chrome has a good web security to protect you from virus and malwares. I am talking about the unauthorized access to your Chrome browser by your friends or family members when you are not present there.

Suppose, you are working on your computer and suddenly have to go to another place. You do not shut down the computer and leave that place. In this case, any person who comes close to the computer, can open your Google Chrome and know many personal things like web history, bookmarks, saved pages, saved passwords etc. If you do not use any password for chrome, it may happen anytime.

So, here is the solution of this problem:

STEP 1: Click here to visit Chrome Web Store.

STEP 2: Now click on the ADD TO CHROME button.

STEP 3: A pop up window will appear. Click on Add button to download the extension.

STEP 4: The extension will be downloaded automatically and you will see the following page next. Click on Next Button to continue.

STEP 5: Another page will come with some instructions about this extension. Read those carefully and Click on Next button.

STEP 6: Another page will appear with some more instruction. Read these also and click on Next button.

STEP 7: Now you will see the option for setting your desires password to lock your chrome. Set your password and click on Save button.

STEP 8: Now close your browser and restart it to see the change. You will see a new window requiring password. Put your password that you set in the previous step and hit enter to enter the chrome.

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