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How to Limit Receiving Facebook Friend Request From Everyone

Facebook is nothing but a place of friends and family. You need to add your friends and relatives on Facebook for communicating with them. A normal person can have as much as 500-1000 friends and relatives depending on his position in the society. It includes his school friends, college friends, university friends, family members, relatives, neighbors, colleagues etc. They are the oxygen of your Facebook ID. But, if you are getting more and more friend requests than you deserve from unknown persons daily, you need to limit your friend request by this easy trick. It will limit your friend request to a great extent so that only the friends of your friends can send you the friend request only. It will prevent the friend request from totally unknown persons in Facebook. Let’s see how to do it.


A. At first, log in to your Facebook Account from any computer browsers.

B. You will see the friend request icon in the upper left corner of your screen.

Click this icon (1), then click on Settings (2).

See below screenshot:

Limit Facebook Friend Requests

C. A pop-up window will come up. There will be 2 options to select.

Select Friends of Friends.

See below screenshot:

Limit Facebook Friends Request from anyone

D. Now click on the Done button. See below Screenshot:

How can I limit Facebook Friends Request

It’s done! Now you will get no annoying friend request in Facebook. You will get friends request from those persons who are already friends with one or more of your friends.

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