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How To Know Grameenphone SIM PIN & PUK Code Online

Grameenphone is the leading mobile operator in Bangladesh for last few years. they have 5 crores users across the country at this time. Many of them have bought their SIM card and lost the necessary papers of it. Sometimes, they need to use their SIM in other phones and it requires PIN (Personal Identification Number) Code of the SIM. If a wrong PIN Code is entered 3 times, the phone will ask for the PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) Code. So, these codes are important in some cases. This post will help those who have Grameenphone SIM and have lost the papers of it. They will be able to know their PIN Code and PUK Code by reading this post and performing the easy steps accordingly. So, let’s start the discussion.


1. At first, you have to register your Grameenphone mobile number to the E-care service. For this purpose, you have to visit this link. You will see a form there.

How To Know Grameenphone SIM PIN & PUK Code Online

Fill the required fields. Enter your Grameenphone number, your first name, last name and your email ID. If you see the notification “Success” after entering your email ID, login to your email ID and open the mail that you have just received from GP.

How To Know Grameenphone SIM PIN & PUK Code Online

Now, note the 6 digit code shown in the mail. The below code is just an example. You have to note the code you have received in your mail ID.

How To Know Grameenphone SIM PIN & PUK Code Online

Now, put the code in the Verification Code field of the Grameenphone website’s registration form. If you successfully do it, you will see a Verified notification beside that field.

After that, enter the other parts of the registration form. Select a security question and write down your answer. Remember this answer for future. If you forget your password, this will be needed. Enter the captcha, put a tick mark in the box and lastly click on Create My Account button.

2. If the registration is successful, you will get a password in your phone. Now, login here with the phone number in 088017xxxxxxxx format and the password you have just got in your phone in an SMS.

3. After logging in, you will see My Account link in the menu. Hovering the link will give you submenu SIM PIN-PUK Information link. Click on this link.

How To Know Grameenphone SIM PIN & PUK Code Online

4. After clicking that link, you will see a page like this. Tick mark the box shown in the below screenshot.

How To Know Grameenphone SIM PIN & PUK Code Online

5. Now, Click on Proceed & view PIN-PUK button.

How To Know Grameenphone SIM PIN & PUK Code Online

6. Now, you will be able to see a page with the PIN Code and the PUK Code of your Grameenphone SIM.

How To Know Grameenphone SIM PIN & PUK Code Online

Thanks for reading this post.

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  1. My GP number PUK code needed. Please help me.

    1. Need my GP number PUK code. Please, help me.

  2. My GP number PUK code needed. Please help me.

    1. Try the above method, if your SIM is working. Otherwise, contact GP customer care.

  3. Kivabe registration korbo?

  4. Hello, sir. Amar SIM e PUK blocked hoye geche. Ami seta kivabe khulbo? Bole diben. Please, sir.

    1. Contact nearby mobile operator customer care.

  5. Amar GP SIM to off. On korle PUK code chay. Password janbo kibhabe jeta amar mobile e send kora hoyeche?

    1. Take your GP SIM and related papers to nearby Grameenphone Customer Care.

  6. My 01740478500 number PUK code donate, please.

    1. I can not donate your PUK code. You have to find it from your own SIM. Try the process written in the above post.

  7. My GP SIM PIN PUK code unlock 01716468649.

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