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How To Delete A Facebook Group Permanently

Facebook groups are place for open conversation among lots of Facebook users. They are so essential now-a-days. Groups may be Open, Closed or Secret. You can create a group any time you want. But after creating a group, if you change your mind and want to delete it, there is no other way than this trick. It is a lengthy process in case of large member groups. Let’s see how to delete a group in Facebook permanently.

STEP 1. At first, visit your desired group from this page.

STEP 2. In your group, you will see the member number on the right side below the cover page. Click on the member number. See the screenshot below:

Delete Facebook Group

STEP 3. Now you have to manually remove all members except you one by one. To remove any member, simply bring your mouse to the settings icon and click it. You will get 2 options: Make Admin and Remove from group. Click on Remove from group. See below screenshot:

How to delete Facebook Group

STEP 4. Now a pop up box will ask you whether you really want to remove this person or not. Click on Confirm to remove him/her. See below screenshot:

Delete Facebook Group Permanently

STEP 5. Remember, Do not remove yourself before removing all others. After you remove all other members, finally click on your settings icon. You will get 2 options: Remove as Admin and Remove from group. Click on Remove from group. See below screenshot:

Remove Facebook Group

STEP 6. Again a pop up window will appear. It will say, “Are you sure you want to leave this group? Since you are the last member, leaving now will also delete this group.” Now click on Delete Group. See below screenshot:


What an easy trick it is!

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