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How To Change Facebook Profile Name & Add Doctor Before Name

In Facebook, you can change your name upto 5 times. After that, you will not be able to change your name. Most of the medical students start using Facebook before completing MBBS course. Before completing MBBS course, nobody can use Doctor [Dr] before the name. So, they create Facebook ID with their real name. But the problem arise when they want to change their name on Facebook after passing MBBS i.e- being a doctor. Here are the problems that most people face:

1. They can’t add Dr before their name. Exp: Dr Sujon Paul. Rather, they have to add it like this: DrSujon Paul or Dr-Sujon Paul.

2. Sometimes they see notifications like this: Your name is too large/Facebook tells people to use their real name etc.

3. If they change their names 5 times before, they can’t even change their name.

As you can see, Dr Sujon Paul looks more beautiful and correct than DrSujon Paul or Dr-Sujon Paul. But you can not set your name as Dr Sujon Paul. Because, according to Facebook’s rule, First Name can’t be more than one word! So, here is another solution of that problem:

You can write your name in any other language than English. Exp: I have changed my Facebook Profile Name in Bengali [My mother tongue]. Now it looks like this:

ডাঃ সুজন পাল

You can also set your alternate name in English. So, your timeline contains the English name also.



STEP 1: Visit this link. You will see the following page:

How To Change Facebook Profile Name & Add Doctor Before Name

STEP 2: You can see in the above screenshot, first name can contain Dr in Bengali. So, configure your name in this fashion. Provide password & click on Save Changes.

I hope, you will be able to change your Facebook Profile Name easily.

Note: You can see in the above picture, I have 3 more chances to change my name. So, keep it in mind. Don’t try too many names. Choose wisely and re-check before clicking the Save Changes button.

Thanks for reading this post.

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