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Hair Care: 20 Best Tips To Prevent Hair Fall

Scalp Hair is the most useful part of beauty for any person, whether male or female. So, when there is the problem of hair fall, nobody can remain happy. Almost all people experience hair fall at any stage of life. So, they want a solution of this. Here are top 20 tips for preventing hair fall easily.

Hair Care 20 Best Tips To Prevent Hair Fall

1. Have a Protein-rich diet. It will make your hair strong and also grow new hair. In the absence of protein, hair color is lost. It becomes reddish brown. It also results in hair fall and broken hair. Broken hair results from loss of Keratin. So, protein-rich foods like fish, meat, milk, egg, peas, yogurt, cheese are necessary for your daily diet.

2. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables including Vitamin E like pears, nuts, wheat, bean, broccoli, cabbage, eggs, vegetables, olive oil etc.

3. Green leafy vegetables are an easy way to prevent hair fall. These contain a special micronutrient called iron which is essential for preventing hair fall. Iron is present in leafy vegetables, grape juice, potato, cabbage, salad, banana, chicken, egg etc.

4. Eat foods low in salt. Salt causes excessive water retention in cells of the scalp, which causes weak base for hair and results in hair fall.

5. Avoid excessive sugar and fat containing foods like ice cream, pastry cakes, fast foods, junk foods, sugar, animal fat, butter, cream, cheese, fried and processed foods, chocolate, carbonated drinks etc. Also, avoid excess tea or coffee. Caffeine of tea and coffee causes hair fall.

6. Omega Three  Fatty Acid is useful in preventing hair fall. Eat 2 teaspoon seed oil with some salad to fulfill the requirement of Omega Three Fatty Acid.

7. Some people plans for diet control due to excessive weight. Thus, they stop eating a balanced diet. It also affects hair and causes hair fall.

8. Massage your scalp for at least 10-15 minutes before going to bed every night. You can use coconut oil during this procedure. The oil has no role in preventing hair fall. But the massage will make your scalp’s blood supply increased which will prevent hair fall.

9. Comb your hair regularly, but don’t comb frequently and excessively. Excessive combing may cause hair fall.

10. Avoid hot water bath, hair dryer, hair gel, helmet, cap etc. These precipitates hair fall.

11. Don’t comb wet hair. It is one of the common causes of hair fall in recent years.

12. Drink at least 20 glass of water if you want a smooth and strong hair.

13. Choose your shampoo according to your hair’s condition. Use shampoo after coming from an air-polluted area.

14. Avoid anti-dandruff shampoo for long-time use. It causes hair fall.

15. To prevent dandruff, you can use Ketoconazole 2% shampoo 2 times in a week for 2-4 weeks. It will give you the best result.

16. Have plenty of sound sleep. It is necessary to prevent hair fall.

17. Quit smoking. Smoking causes the impaired blood supply to the scalp and results in hair fall.

18. Regular Physical Exercise can increase your body’s blood circulation. Thus, your hair will also get the required nourishment and will be more strong.

19. Avoid excessive mental tension, remain free all the time. Excessive mental pressure causes hair fall.

20. If you are having the same problem of hair fall after following all the steps above, you may seek a physician especially doctors of Skin & Venereal Diseases and tell him about your problem in details. Then he/she will prescribe you some medicine according to your need.

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Dr. Sujon Paul

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  1. Amar chul pore jacche. Ei tips gulo ki eta thamate parbe?

  2. Kon brand er tel dile chul pora bondho hobe?

  3. Nice tips about hair.

  4. Thanks for the post.

  5. Some more tips for hair care & style.
    1. Try to wash your hair daily.
    2. Message your hair scalply with two minutes.
    3. Never Rub your hair with a towel.
    4. You should select the right kinds of styling products for your hair to look its best.

  6. Dear Dr. Sujon Paul, very nice and informative tips about hair care. Especially the dos and don’t. These are the minimum effort we can easily apply. Besides there are some natural shampoos that also helps especially sulphate free. Thanks.

  7. Hi Dr. Sujon Paul. Ami onekdin jabot amar chuler somossay achi. Amar mathar 2 side theke chul pore jacche. Ekhon ki korle chul pora bondho hobe?

  8. Sir, amar hair fall hocche prochur porimane. Din din shamner theke chul o kome jacche. Ami apnar tips er maximum guloi follow korechi. But, kaj hocche na. Ekhon ki korte pari? Please jodi kichu suggestion diten.

    1. Try to follow all (not maximum) tips from above.

  9. Mathar hair pora er kono medicine ache ki?

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