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Change Your Computer’s Hard Disk Drives Icons Easily

At first, have a look at my computer’s hard disk drives:


You will notice the following things in the above picture:

1. My computer has 4 hard disk drives: OS, IMAGE, OTHERS, MOVIE

2. I have changed the default folder icons of windows 7 with my own icons. I selected 4 letter icons P, A, U, L to create my name with those!

3. It looks more beautiful and attractive than the official icons of windows 7.

Do you want to make your PC’s Hard Disk drives icons like the above picture?

Do you want to make your name with your drives?

Then follow these simple steps:

1. At first, Enter one of your Hard disk drives [Follow the picture below, in this case, I entered the MOVIE drive of my PC.

Change PC's Drive Icons

2. Download and copy-paste your desired icon here. Just like, I have downloaded and copy-pasted letter L icon here. Rename your icon with a simple name [I renamed it as 4]

3. Right click on a blank space > Select New > Text document > A notepad window will open.

Change drive icons easily

4. Type the following code [here 4 is your desired icon name. Change it according to the icon name you selected earlier.]


5. Now click on File > Save as > Change File name to autorun.inf and save as type to All files. Now click on Save.

6. Make sure your autorun function is enabled. Now restart your computer.

If all the steps are accurately done, you will see that your  drives icons has been changed.

Comment if you face any kind of problems. Enjoy new drives icons in your computer.

Where will I get my desired Icons?

You will get thousands of new and fresh icons including letter icons in the following websites:



TIPS: Always download high-quality icons to get a better view when you select those icons as your drives icons.

Thanks for reading this article.

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Dr. Sujon Paul

The author of this post is Dr. Sujon Paul, an MBBS Doctor. He is also a blogger and updates this website [HITBANGLA.COM] regularly with fresh contents. Thank you for visiting this website. Contact Author: Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus


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  1. Very nice article Sujon!

    1. Thanks Toufiq.

  2. wow! Fantastic!

  3. I face a problem that it already have an autorun saved with different name.

    1. Then delete the autorun file and create your own by the method shown above.

  4. How can I enable my autorun function in windows 7?

  5. Yeah! It works nice, guy. Thanks a lot for your post and answer to my question.

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