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10 Tips To Improve Alexa Rankings Easily & Quickly

Alexa.com is all about website rankings. If you have a blog or website, you might know about this website. When you start your website, it does not have any Alexa Rankings. Within a day or two after proper SEO, you get a rank like 20 or 30 million! But that ranking can be reduced/improved by proper SEO and backlinking. Alexa justifies any website by it’s visitor numbers. If you have a lot of visitors daily, it will be a matter of time to get an improved Alexa rank. So, you should emphasize on visitor numbers at first.

10 Tips To Improve Alexa Rankings Easily & Quickly

Here are some easy ways to improve Alexa Rankings:

1. Sign Up: At first, Create an account on Alexa.com. You can sign up using your Facebook  account also.

2. Add Your Website: Add your website in the site lists of Alexa.

3. Alexa Toolbar or Extension: Alexa toolbar can be installed in computer browsers from these links [Chrome | Firefox | Internet Explorer]. Alexa counts the number of browsers of the visitors which have Alexa Toolbar installed. The more the Alexa toolbar, the less the Alexa rank. So, tell your friends to install Alexa toolbar in their browsers and install it now.

4. Alexa Traffic Widgets: Build your website’s Alexa Traffic Widget from this link. Place the html widget code in your website.

5. Alexa Review Widgets: Build a review widget for your website from this link and place it on your website. Ask the visitors to give a review in Alexa.

6. SEO: Search Engine Optimization is the pre-requisite for good number of visitors. So, to improve Alexa Ranking, you must work everyday on SEO.

7. Check Alexa Rank Frequently: Visit your website whenever you can and click on the Alexa Extension or Toolbar to see the rank of your website. It will help to improve the rank.

8. Backlinks: Create quality backlinks on high Page Rank websites. It will help to improve the rank also.

9. Google Page Speed: Improve Google Page Speed of your website. Less loading time will increase number of visitors and thus improve the Alexa rank.

10. Patience: Alexa justifies any website by it’s last 3 month’s web traffic. So, if you are new, please wait with patience and work regularly on these things. After 3 months, you will surely get a 5 digit Alexa rank.

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