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10 Killer Tips For Designing A Website Simply

The website is the online place where you can express your feelings. Now-a-days, almost every person who uses the internet, has a website or blog. Those who are new with it, may find it difficult to draw visitors to their website. Well, visitors are the key for any website. So, to draw a good number of visitors, your website design must be up to the mark. It should be simple as well as gorgeous. Thus, your website will attract its visitors and you will get some constant visitors who will visit your website on a regular basis.

10 Killer Tips For Designing A Website Simply

Here are 10 killer tips on how to design a website simply:

1. Home Page: Home page is the main page for any website. Whatever your domain is, http://yourdomain/ is the home page for your website. You have to keep important links on this page. All the pages of your blog should be reachable by a few (it’s better if one) clicks. You may keep some widgets for this purpose like popular posts, latest posts, latest commentators, pages, subscription widget etc. But, remember, the more widgets you use, the heavier your website will be. So, use them with caution.

2. About Me: About me is the page which describes about you and your website. So, design it beautifully so that people can understand that you are a creative person. Also write about yourself, your company, your business, the purpose, aims etc. These are vital parts of a website.

3. Contact Page: Contact page should contain a contact form to let your visitors have a quick chat with you. But contact forms can increase page loading time. So, use simple codes in the contact form, avoiding unnecessary designs.

4. Advertisement Placement: Advertisements are the earning source for your website. You should place the ads where there is more chance of being clicked. Such as, in the header right area, below the header, before/after post title, inside post, in the sidebar etc. Don’t use ads in the footer area where there is a rare chance of being clicked by the visitors.

5. Widgets/Plugins: Widgets or Plugins are beneficial for any visitor, but excessive use of these can increase the page loading time and may be irritating to your visitors. Use less JavaScript and use them in footer so that your whole page loads quickly at first .

6. Background, Text & Link Color: Color is a vital part of any website. You should not use irritating colors like yellow, blue etc. All the great websites are black and white in color. So, use these simple colors. Use special colors where it’s necessary. But don’t use too many of them. Link color should be different and easily distinguishable with the text color. It’s better if you use a black text color, if the background color is white. The link color may be blue/green/red as your wish. But, always use contrast colors so that they can be seen easily in the background.

7. Subscription: Subscription widget or plugin is important to draw visitors from social network websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Digg, Pinterest etc. But if you use the default buttons of these websites, you will face an increased page loading time. So, it’s better to use text links for the subscription.

8. Search Box: Search box is a must for any website. When a visitor enters your website looking for a particular post, it’s not possible to look for the post by the navigation buttons. So, a search box will come into play this time. Use simple search box. Avoid unnecessary designs. Also make sure it is visible easily.

9. Navigation Buttons: Navigation buttons allow the visitors to navigate through the pages and posts of your blog. So, use easy to see numeric navigation buttons at the end of the pages.

10. Menu Bar: Menu bar should contain the categories of posts so that visitors can read same category posts at a time by clicking the desired category.

These are the basic things which should be looked at while designing a website simply. Keep it in mind that, people like simple website designs. They use their internet for getting information, not for watching beautiful websites. Thanks for reading this post.

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  1. That’s nice indeed! Recently Google is prioritizing page rather than post! So you can use the “page” instead of “post” for getting nice attention from google.

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